After the match, Xavi Pascual reminded the journalists in the press room that “this year has been very complicated” and that this victory is very special. The manager added that “our morale was hurt after the second match but I never thought we couldn’t win the title.”

The most important victory

“The character that we demonstrated makes me very pleased with our players, especially because we showed it when we were in our most fatigued state. No one knows how difficult this final was.” That’s how Pascual started the press conference; he was relaxed, satisfied and liberated. “This victory is the most important one because of how it was won. I’d put right up there with the Euroleague victory in Paris.”

Pascual stated that “we always thought we could win. I want to congratulate the players for their excellent work.” He added that “we’ve been attacked, but we managed to stay together and we won the title.”

Turning point

According to Pascual, “the fourth match of the series was a turning point for us, we hung on with  only three interior players and we won the game after putting in a lot of hard work in recovery.”

The manager praised his players throughout the press conference: “with the difficulty that comes with playing in Barça, they had courage and they got this far - I congratulate all of them.”

Navarro and Ndong

Pascual made special mention of the two players that had the most difficult time in the final series due to injury, Boniface Ndong and Juan Carlos Navarro: “they are very courageous, they put in a lot of hours in order to be able to help the team... it gives you goosebumps thinking about it.”

Bladé, proud of the team

Joan Bladé, the director responsible for the basketball team, was overjoyed by Barça’s victory this evening: “it couldn’t have been better. I have to congratulate Xavi Pascual for the season he’s had. We’re very proud. It’s a festive day and we all have to celebrate. If anyone doubted this team... they proved what they are capable of.”

Creus, satisfied

Joan Creus also stated his praise for the team: “it was a very difficult series. The games were different and hard-fought. We came into the final with barely enough energy because we’ve had a very long season.” The technical secretary of Barça Regal also highlighted the players’ commitment: “this is proof that they can work together and that all of the players are capable of brutal sacrifices.”

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