Xavi Pascual celebra la victòria a la pista del Madrid / FOTO: ACBMEDIA.NET

Xavi Pascual recognised in the post-match press conference that “we worked very hard. After going through the most difficult 48 hours of my career, we were well prepared for this match.” The manager explained that “we’re pleased with the victory and for winning back home-court advantage that we’ve fought so hard for. It was a different match to the third game. We controlled the game, we had the initiative and the decisiveness and, above all, we dominated the rebounds. It’s not comparable to the game we played on Monday and that can be decisive in the series.”

“Basketball is the winner”

The final series of the playoffs will be decided in a fifth and final match. Pascual congratulated his team as well as Real Madrid for the fantastic series both teams have had so far. “I don’t think we’re more on form than Madrid right now, because closing out a championship is very hard and any team can win. But, right now, basketball is the winner, without a doubt.”

Time to recover

On Saturday at 19:00, the winner of the Liga Endesa will be decided. Pascual explained that “now we have to recover, because we’re at the limit. Physically we’re in a complicated situation, we need to recover players and then we need to prepare mentally. Lastly, we need a full Palau, we’ll need the help during the complicated phases of the match.”

Erazem Lorbek:

“It was a good match. We managed to win back the game we lost in Barcelona. We played well and we were able to develop our game on the court.

“Our response was a good one, because the last match was difficult for us. We managed to play better and win the game.

“We especially improved on defence and we scored a lot of baskets.

“We had to be unified and play well from the first minute, I think we all played at our best level.”

Fran Vázquez:

“We fought until the end. We looked them in the eye and we enjoyed ourselves on the court.

“We deserved to win this game.”

Juan Carlos Navarro:

“This was the best possible birthday present.

“We played a totally different match and we managed to win. Now we have one game to go and it’s at home, that was our objective.

“The key was the pace of the match, the rebounds, etc.”

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