Xavi Pascual during a Barça Regal match /PHOTO: ARXIU FCB

Xavi Pascual was awarded the Spanish Managers Basketball Association Trophy (AEEB), after being named that best coach of the month (February). In total, his team won three matches and lost none.

The Azulgrana manager’s record this month is equal to that of Moncho Fernández, manager of Blusense Monbus. However, Pascual won the award because his team have a better ‘basket average’ and because Barça Regal is currently on a seven match winning streak in the Liga Endesa, while Fernández’s team have only managed to win three consecutive matches.

Second AEEB Trophy

This is the second time that Pascual has been awarded the trophy this season. The first time was in October, when his team won four games and lost once. The manager was also named the best coach of the season when he was awarded the AEEB-Díaz Miguel award last year, October 2010/11.

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