After playing in the Spanish Super Cup, the King’s Cup and the Final Four of the Euroleague, Barça Regal will play in the final of the Liga Endesa. The manager Xavi Pascual congratulated the team for their most recent achievement. “Our objective is to get to the very end. We’ve managed to play in all possible finals, because I consider the Final Four to be a final. It will be complicated but I’m satisfied.” He added that “getting to the final fills you with satisfaction. The people that expected this to be an easy semifinal haven’t been following Valencia. We didn’t expect it to be easy.”

This is Barça Regal’s sixth consecutive final berth, and Xavi Pascual’s fifth final series on the bench. The manager played down the fact that he’s led the team to so many finals as he said the merit is “getting there.”

He congratulates Valencia Basket

Pascual congratulated Valencia on the semifinal series they played. “They are an example for those of us that work in sports. They gave it their heart, hope, desire, enthusiasm and play.” Pascual also said that “we like to go to courts that have so many fans.”

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