In the 1980s and 1990s it was normal to see the reigning champions of the ACB successfully defend their title. However, only Barça, Real Madrid and Joventut have managed to win consecutive Liga titles in the history of Spanish basketball. Now days, winning the Liga two seasons in a row is extremely difficult. Pesic’s Barça was the last team to do it, in the 2002/03 and 2003/04 seasons. Pascual’s men are going into the playoffs of the Liga Endesa with the objective of winning the Club’s 17th ACB League title and repeat Pesic’s 2002-2004 accomplishment.

The first strep towards the title is this Thursday’s match against Lucentum Alicante, in the quarterfinals. FC Barcelona have never been absent from this playoff round. Barça have always featured in this round of the playoffs ever since the 1983/84 season, when the team beat OAR Ferrol. Historically the quarterfinals have been kind to Barça Regal. Of Barça’s 28 appearances, the team were eliminated only twice. In the 1991/92 season against Real Madrid and in 2004/05 against Asefa Estudiantes.

Better numbers this season

Xavi Pascual’s men come into the playoffs having bested last season’s title-winning stats. Barça Regal have won 52 out of 60 official matches this season in all competitions (a win rate of 86.7%), while last season, Barça won 46 and lost 13 of the 59 official matches the team played (a win rate of 78%).

If we focus just on the Liga Endesa, Barça Regal have closed out the regular season with two victories more and two defeats less in comparison to last season. Furthermore, the Catalans have scored more points (77.6 to 76.9), conceded fewer points (65.6 to 66), secured more rebounds (36.7 to 34.4), gave more assists (16 to 15.6) and overturned fewer balls (12 to 13.1). These stats have increased Barça’s overall evaluation by 4.6 points in regards to last season (87 to 91.6).


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