Ricky Rubio (Minnesota).

The world of basketball has showed its support to Ricky Rubio after the Timberwolves player sustained a serious injury against the Los Angeles Lakers. Rubio will miss the rest of the season and, in all likelihood, will miss the Olympic Games in London this summer.

Social networks lit up in support of the player and various hashtags have become popular in both the NBA and the Liga Endesa (#AnimoRicky #AnimsRicky and #SpeedyRecovery). Some of Barça Regal’s players like Marcelinho Huertas, Joe Ingles, CJ Wallance and Josep Pérez have joined their voices to other famous basketball players like Pau Gasol, Roger Grimau, LeBron James, Baron David and Kevin Love in support of Rubio.

Here are some of the messages to Ricky Rubio:

Joe Ingles | @joeingles7

Terrible news about @rickyrubio9. Was having a great rookie season! No doubt he will be back a bigger and better player! Head up buddy!

Marcelinho Huertas | @Huertas 09

Lots of support for my friend @rickyrubio9. Basketball will miss the magic that you bring to the game. Get well soon, champ. A big hug. MH9

Roger Grimau | @rogergrimau

#AnimsRicky!!!!! This is a test to your career that I’m sure you’ll overcome!!! A big hug!

Judson Wallace | @CJW3rd

Wishing many prayers and a speedy recovery to @rickyrubio9. A great season cut short but many more to come #speedyrecovery

Josep Pérez | @josepperez10

Lots of strength @rickyrubio9, you’ll come out of it soon!!!!! #animsricky #animoRicky

Carlos Suárez | @carlosuarez8

Lot’s of support @rickyrubio, I hope the news today isn’t bad. A hug.

Kevin Love | @KevinLove

Love my teammate and friend @rickyrubio9. Here’s to a quick recovery. We will miss you.

LeBron James | @KingJames

S/O to Ricky Rubio! Have a speedy and successful recovery

Kevin Durant | @KDTrey 5

Praying that Ricky Rubio has a speedy recovery!

Dwayne Wade | @DwayneWade

Ricky Rubio’s injury isn’t 1 that any basketball fan wanted 2 C. He’s had an amazing rookie season & has brought life back 2 a franchise.

José Manuel Calderón | @josemcalderon8

All my support to @rickyrubio9, he’ll come back better and stronger. It’s hard to have this happen to someone that you’re close to #animoricky

Pau Gasol | @paugasol

Lot’s of support for my teammate and friend @rickyrubio9 after hearing about the outcome of his tests. Now he needs a lot of patience and support from everybody.

Rudy Fernández | @rudy5fernandez

Lots of support to @rickyrubio

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