Juan Carlos Navarro /PHOTO: ACBMEDIA.NET

After the win in Madrid, FC Barcelona Regal are looking on track to win the Endesa League, or at least that’s what past experience suggests. The stats from the past are on the side of Xavi Pascual’s men who could well crown a fight back on Saturday by clinching the league title. In six of the nine playoffs that have gone to the fifth game (66.7%), the title has been won by the home team, in other words in this case Barça Regal. In fact, Barça have taken part in four of the six finals that have gone down to the last game of the series. Two were against Real Madrid (1987-88 and 88-89), one against Unicaja (1994-95) and another against Adecco Estudiantes (2003-04).

Barça the 1-2 comeback specialists

But the favorable signs for Xavi Pascual’s team don’t stop there. Barça carried off an historic fight back which led to winning the league title in the 1994/95 season. In the final against Unicaja Malaga, Barça came back from 1-2 to win 3-2. FC Barcelona is the only team to have achieved this feat and the signs are good that history will repeat itself against Real Madrid.


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