The open day at the Palau this Thursday was a complete success. The many gifts and surprises brought by Barça Regal delighted the  young basketball fans, Club Super 3 members and youth FC Barcelona members that filled the multi-sport arena’s stands. It would be an understatement to say that the nearly 2,000 spectators and basketball team led by Xavi Pascual had fun.

Vázquez wins the dunk contest

One by one, the Barça Regal team came out onto the court. After the team made their entrance, the Club’s anthem marked the beginning of the light training session. Víctor Sada said that “we had just trained really hard, it was time to entertain the people.” Without a doubt, that’s exactly what they did. To the delight of the youngsters in the stands, Rabaseda, Eidson and Fran Vázquez tested their skills in a dunk contest. In the end, the youngsters, who were the contest judges, gave the award to Vázquez.

The children take center stage

Xavi Pascual, assisted by the more playful members of his team, led a short training session with a group of children under the watchful eyes of over 40 kids from the Club Super 3 donning shirts commemorating the 40-year anniversary of the Palau.

Sada finished off the event by celebrating his birthday with a three-point shot from half court. Marcelinho quickly followed suit and imitated his teammate’s shot, but instead of using his hands he used his feet. The team signed autographs and gave out presents before making their way back to the dressing rooms.

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