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He's played 10 games in the NBA as a player for the Minnesota Timberwolves, and Ricky Rubio is just like a child in this first experience as a professional player in the American League.

After two seasons as a player for FC Barcelona Regal, a time about which he has great memories and made great friends, the Catalan centre decided to cross the Atlantic and the truth is that things are going extremely well for him. Ricky, however, hasn't forgotten his time at Barça and highlights the treatment he received during that time: "I'm keeping up with what's going on at Barça, especially since I was very comfortable there, and they treated me so well that now I see it as something special".

Lionel Messi has not gone unnoticed by Ricky. The Argentinian is current news and the ex FC Barcelona Regal player didn't want to miss out on congratulating Messi on winning his third Ballon D'Or: "What Messi is achieving is second to none. It seems that every year he's reached his limit, then the next season starts and he's even better. What most surprises me, and I would like to stress, is how he keeps doing it, it's something that very few people can keep doing over so many years, especially mentally. "

Firm bet on Barça Regal

The Wolves centre, who passed double figures again this morning, with 13 points and 12 assists, in the game against Chicago Bulls (100-111) retains great memories of his time with FC Barcelona Regal. There he has many friends, he learned a lot, and he still keeps in contact with some of the players. His bet for the 2011/12 Endesa League is clear: "I follow what's going on, a lot. I see them very solid as always, with great defensive work and very clear ideas in defence. I still keep in contact with many of them, especially with Victor and Joe. I sincerely believe that they can have another great season and, as always, will be fighting for all the titles right to the end".

The Wolves, a team for the future

Minnesota is a team that only has room for improvement, at the moment the balance is 3 wins and 7 defeats. This is a very young team which last season was one of the worst teams in the NBA and this season, with Ricky Rubio in their ranks and veteran Rick Adelman on the bench, is offering a much fresher and attractive game. Kevin Love is their franchise player and one of the main reasons that Ricky is enjoying it so much: "I'm feeling very comfortable. It was a dream I wanted to fulfill, and I'm enjoying it second by second".

As for the keys that favour him in his position, Ricky is very clear: "What I think is that which favours me most is the illegal zone in defence. This allows me to find a lot more space, because they play a lot more Pick & Roll".

Voting for the All-Star

The former Barça players, Pau and Marc Gasol, and Ricky Rubio, all have options to play in the upcoming All-Star Game to be played in Orlando. There are 20 days left to close the votes for the game of the superstars. If you want to choose your starting fives in the two conferences, and would like to see the former FC Barcelona players with options to participate, click here

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