Regal Barça had to fight hard against Valladolid to gain a victory that, with just three minutes from the end of the match was not at all clear (66-66). It was then when the Barça team showed their champions mentality. The group, led by Ndong and Pete Mickeal, and thanks to a triple from Sada, put together a partial 11-1 that gave them victory in the end.

From the start, Valladolid showed their enthusiasm and fight, and they kept that going throughout the game. A basket from Seawright (6-4) gave them a slight advantage. The Barça reaction, ​​though, was not long in coming, and they achieved a partial of 10-0 at the hands of a very effective Lorbeck. The intensity and accuracy of the visiting team was evident a few minutes later, with triple throws from Martin (18-17), which showed that Valladolid were not about to give up easily. The same player scored two points that tied up the score at 21-21, but Eidson broke the deadlock to close out the first quarter with a 23-21 lead for Barça.

Very even game: 43-37 at the break

The first three pointer from Robinson at the start of the second quarter left Barça Regal at a disadvantage (24-23). Then came a few minutes of total equality with the visitors holding onto their slender lead. Once again, Lorbeck with a three point throw, made the score 32-31, to get the Palau crowd going. The same player was the architect of the phase that increased Regal Barcelona's lead to 41-31, but this was quickly countered by a triple from Robinson (41-34). Xavi Pascual's team held a slender 6 point lead at half time (43-37).

Four points from Ndong, Navarro's second triple, and two points from Mickeal gave Barça their biggest lead of the game so far (52-37), and it looked like they were cruising to victory, but nothing could be further from the truth. Triple throws from Martin and Michael Umeh, together with a very effective Dumas, brought Valladolid back into the match at 58-50, at the end of the third period.

The two teams were all square in the 37th minute at 66-66, following a basket from Diego Garcia, keeping up the general dynamic of the game. It was then when Regal FC Barcelona made a final push that led them to put together an 11-1 sequence, which effectively killed off the game.



77. Regal Barcelona (23 +20 +15 +19): Huertas (-), Navarro (10), Perovic (4), Lorbek (17), Pete Mickeal (14) - starting five - Sada (4), Vazquez (6 ), Wallace (-), Ndong (10), Rabaseda (-) and Eidson (12).

67. Blancos de Rueda Valladolid (21 +16 +13 +17): Diego Garcia (4), Herve Toure (6), Dumas (10), Robinson (12), Seawright (10) - starting five - Umeh (8) Uriz (4), Isaac Lopez (5) and Martin (8).

Referees: Miguel Angel Perez Perez, and Pedro Vicente Bultó Munar

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