The Azulgrana Pete Mickeal (Photo:Àlex Caparrós-FCB)

Pete Mickeal, FC Barcelona Regal’s power forward said he is confident in his side’s ability to see off Unics Kazan in the quarter-finals of the Euroleague and qualify for the Final Four. “There’s always someone that steps forward. We’re ready for everything,” said Mickeal.

The player warned of the danger that Unics brings to the court, “they’ll come full of confidence. When you’re so close to the Final Fout you give everything and I’m sure they’ll play much better than they did in the group stages,” he said during an interview for the Euroleague fans.

The latest injury, forgotten

Mickeal explained that it wasn’t easy to recover from the injury that kept him off the court for much of last year: “it put my life into perspective and when doctors can’t find the problem, it scares you a little. Luckily, the problem was diagnosed and I’m back on the court. Renewing my contract? It was a mutual agreement and I’m pleased because signing with Barça was the best decision of my career.” He added, “Barcelona is a fantastic city and I love to take walks around the port.”

Always pushing for more

As a sign of his ambition, Mickeal said that he started playing basketball at the age of 12: “I’m never satisfied with how I play and I try to improve daily. When you come out onto the court you need to try and improve, if not, you should just stay home. I like being trained and learning beyond winning titles and awards.”

On the possible rivals in the Final Four in Istanbul, he believes “that Montepaschi have more possibilities than Olympiakos, even though the Greeks are playing at a higher level lately. I also think Barça Regal, CSKA and Maccabi will be in the Final Four.”

Fishing, his other passion

Mickael also revealed his passion for fishing: “in the summer I go out fishing almost every day after I train with my personal trainer.” Furthermore, he talked about his experience playing in South Korea and in the Philippines: “it was a great experience after my first year in Spain, I have good memories. I’m a globetrotter, I’d play anywhere.”

Favorable results this year

With the rout in Kazan (65-93) and the win at the Palau (63-50), FC Barcelona Regal will take on their group stage rivals in the quarter-finals full of confidence.

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