Pascual during the match / PHOTO: ÁLEX CAPARRÓS-FCB

“Winning the match is what’s truly important, especially in a playoff, not how we won it,” said Xavi Pascual in the post-match press conference. This Thursday, however, Barça Regal beat Lucentum Alicante by 30 points thus stating their claim to the Liga title six days after being eliminated from the Final Four. It’s always good to win after a painful defeat, and if you win by a 30-point margin, even better. “Individually we weren’t perfect, but collectively we were pretty good,” said the manager.

“We don’t want Navarro to be disconnected”

The manager, who recognised that his team committed a couple of mistakes despite the comfortable victory - took many overturns and little fluidity in the overall game -, explained why Navarro warmed up with the team but didn’t play: “we’re coming off of an important defeat and we wanted him to be with the group. We don’t want him to do be disconnected (from the team), but he wasn’t watch fit.”

Can he play on Sunda? “He feels a bit better each day and when he’s completely recovered, he’ll play. We’ll decide if he travels to Alicante on Saturday,” he said. Pascual also thanked the 3,000 fans that cheered the team on at the Palau.

Sada: “Sunday will be different”

Víctor Sada admitted that “it was an unequal match.” He added that “they had a lot of absences and we played with confidence, and were were on target from the perimeter.” The player, who scored five points and gave 3 assists, believes that the second match of the series, on Sunday, “will be a completely different game.” He is, however, optimistic: “we’re hoping to close out this series quickly.”

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