Pascual and Laso / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

The Final is here and Xavi Pascual believes : “we have to do everything well” to be in with a chance over the series which begins this Wednesday with the visit of Real Madrid to the Palau. “You have to attack and defend well and get the rebounds. You have to do everything well – especially in a final like this”.
“Madrid are extraordinary”

The coach was also full of praise for Madrid: “they have their own clear style. They are extraordinary, they are fast, big, strong – they’ve got presence, great exterior shooting…..and they’ve got many players capable of stepping up when the pressure is on. They showed that in the fourth game of their semi final, where they were really under pressure”. Madrid were 1-2 down in the semi final series against Caja Laboral and managed to turn the game and the series around with an away win, followed by the vital victory in Madrid.

“The past is the past”

Pascual has certainly had the upper hand in recent games against Madrid, with 16 wins and just 6 defeats, but the coach doesn’t give that any importance: “the past is the past. It’s true that we have had the better of them, but that’s got no relevance for this final”. This season the two are tied at two games apiece, with Madrid having won the Cup Final: “we have the challenge of turning that on its head. In the last game, with a title at stake – they beat us. We have the maximum respect for their squad”.

Pascual also referred to the ACB Final of two years ago, when Barça lost 0-3 to Caja Laboral, when they also began with home advantage: “it was a clear example of how a Final play off series can be close, but short – we lost all three games by just a point or two”.


Laso: “it’ll be a tough and competitive final”

The Real Madrid coach, Pablo Laso, foresees a “tough and competitive final, which could hinge on very small details”, whilst insisting that after the semi final against Caja Laboral: “the players have recovered from last week, which was really hard”.

Asked about Barça’s position as favourites, Laso replied: “the bookies might pay out more for a Madrid win, but I don’t think that the favourites tag counts for much at a moment like this”.

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