Pascual in the first match of the series/ PHOTO: ÁLEX CAPARRÓS-FCB

Like always, the first thing that Xavi Pascual did in the post-match press conference was to congratulate Real Madrid on their victory. “I don’t dare to even hint at giving an excuse (for the team’s performance). Not one. It was a very clear victory for Real Madrid. They had more ambition than we did to control the rebounds and the match,” said the Azulgrana manager. He added that “the first quarter was pretty even. We managed to exploit our advantages. From the second quarter on, we disappeared - we didn’t control the defensive rebound and we went into a completely negative spiral. We were a caricature of a team,  we were missing all kinds of shots and playing very poorly. For 30 minutes there was only one team on the court.”

Pascual said that today’s match was the worst one he’s had as the Barça Regal manager and he urged his players to focus on Wednesday’s upcoming game: “these defeats are painful but we have 48 hours to recover and be ourselves. We have to evaluate everything and make the appropriate decisions... we’re two victories away from the title.”

Here are some of the statements made by some of the Barça players after today’s match:


“We have to improve a lot of things if we want to fight for the title.

“They have more confidence than we do and we will have to work hard, especially in the morale department.

“Everyone knows what they did wrong. We have to try and play as a team, like we did in the first quarter.

“The way I see it is that it doesn’t matter if you win by 1 or by 30, this isn’t over yet.”


“The match went in Madrid’s favour in the second quarter and we weren’t able to stay in the game. We have to forget about tonight’s match and focus on Wednesday. We would be in the same place if we had lost by just one point.

“Real Madrid reacted and won in the second match at the Palau. I believe that it’s possible to do it and we have to focus on Wednesday, it’s our last chance. None of us want to give up.

“You can never give up especially against Madrid. We represent a lot of Culés and we cannot stop fighting for the title.”


“We simply didn’t show up today. We can’t forget about today’s defeat but on Wednesday we’re going to go all out.

“We have had to learn a lot of things this year. We have to be positive and on Wednesday we have to try and play with a clean slate, mentally.”


“We were not playing well on offence or defence. We have to try and learn from our mistakes.

“We have to support each other and believe that we can beat Madrid on Wednesday.”

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