Boniface Ndong during a training session / PHOTO: ARXIU FCB

Boniface Ndong and Erazem Lorbek, Barça Regal’s duo that have played the most minutes under the basket during the playoffs, talked about what Barça need to do to beat Real Madrid in the second playoff match for the Liga Endesa title. According to the players, Barça must improve its performance on defence.

The Senegalese explained that “we can’t let them get a big advantage, we have to play better.” When asked about Barça’s comeback yesterday, he said that “it’s the final of the Liga Endesa, and you always have to have faith. I could see it on their faces that they thought they had won the match, the beautiful thing is that we ended up winning.”

Ndong’s teammate, Lorbek, said that “they are a very good team, and we can only hurt them if we play good defence.” When asked about the possibility of travelling to Madrid with a 2-0 advantage, he said that “it would be great, but we have to focus on our upcoming match and improve our play.”

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