Navarro i Llull a la sala de premsa del Palau / FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Juan Carlos Navarro and Sergio Llull spoke to the media ahead of the Lliga Endesa Final Play Offs and both stressed that Barça and Real Madrid are at the same level. For Navarro: “it will be a very well balanced final between the season’s two best teams. After such a good season, it would be tough to end it without a title, so it’s important we make good use of of the home advantage and take this title. We weren’t good in the Copa del Rey or the Final Four, but we are fired up to take this last title”.

Navarro also explained that he’s not worried about his recent injury problems: “it’s been hard, but there are no excuses now - We are in the final. Motivation and the adrenaline are more powerful than any pain and I’m working hard to be at my best for these games”.

Controlling the pace is key

The captain also explained that the team is coming into the game with their morale high and playing well. He believes the key to victory will be controlling the pace of the game: “we have to control that and make sure that Real Madrid don’t get the chance to run, which is the way they like to play”.

Ahead of his seventh league final, Navarro admitted: “I’d like to add to my personal titles and to win a seventh league title, but it’s going to be a very hard final against a tough team”.

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Llull: “We’ll keep fighting till the end”

Real Madrid’s point guard Sergio Llull insisted that his team were coming into the final 100% fit: “we’re fine – we have a big squad and we have recovered from our efforts in the semi final. All the players are doing their bit. This is going to be a very close final and hard for us because Real Barça have home advantage, but we’ll keep fighting till the end – I can’t wait for it to start!”.

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