New record for Juan Carlos Navarro this season. This Friday’s match, the second of the Liga Endesa Final series against Real Madrid, saw Navarro feature in his 32nd final series match. Navarro is the first player in ACB history, ahead of Andrés Jiménez, to play in this amount of matches in the final series. The Seville native, Jiménez, played for Barça for 12 years (1986 - 1998), and featured 31 times in the championship series of the competition.

He’ll make it to 34 games

Navarro will build upon his new record this Monday when Xavi Pascual’s men take on Madrid in the third match of the final series (with the guarantee of playing at least one more after that). Therefore, the Azulgrana captain will accumulate, at the very least, 34 matches in the ACB finals. Here is a table outlining Navarro’s games in the finals:


Season Matches Rival
1999/2000 5 Real Madrid
2000/2001 3 Real Madrid
2002/2003 3 Pamesa Valencia
2003/2004 5 Estudiantes
2006/2007 4 Real Madrid
2008/2009 4 TAU Cerámica
2009/2010 3 Caja Laboral
2010/2011 3 Bizkaia BB
2011/2012 4 or 5 Real Madrid
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