Marcelinho i Fran, a les semifinals de la Supercopa ACB jugada a Bilbao (Foto: Àlex Caparrós, FCB)

A single side glance is sufficient, just the suggestion of making a run and Huertas connects with Fran Vázquez. To say that the Gallegan and the Brazilian understand each other is an understatement. Where one throws the ball the other is always there to catch it and finish the play.

We all knew what the Brazilian was capable of, but the fact that the team has such talented athletes like Ngong or, in this case, Fran Vázquez makes everything easier: “I’m really happy with hoe things are going. Fran, Boni, or Kosta are all great players that can execute a good pick and roll, but in Fran’s case he’s much faster. The other two are marksmen from medium distance, but yes, I’m very pleased with how things are going.”

Three times in Fuenlabrada

In Fuenlabrada the bond between Huertas and Vázquez was most evident. Without a doubt these two dancing partners will bring a lot of joy to the Barça fans throughout the season. But Marcelinho is more than just sparkle and pizzazz when it comes to playing with his teammates, the Brazilian assumes the mantle of leadership when he must. In innate quality that his teammates truly admire about him.

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