Ndong. Photo: arxiu FCB.

Barça Regal are in the semi-finals after another convincing victory over Lucentum Alicante. However, this time Barça’s rival fought tooth and nail and the final result does not reflect what happened in the first 34 minutes of the match. The reigning champions (without Navarro) always led, but the Catalans were not able to close out the match until the last quarter. Lagun Aro or Valencia will be Barça’s opponent in the semi-finals.

Permanent Dominance

Barça Regal were very intense on defence and they quickly jumped to a 2-7 lead, but the Catalans committed four personal fouls in the first four minutes. It was looking like a replay of what happened at the Palau, where the Alicante side were only able to score 43 points. Barça Regal, moreover, were creating counterattacks and sinking long-range shots (4-13, min 6). Txus Vidorreta was forced to call timeout.

The home-side manager made his team play zone defence, but the Azulgrana offence was still fluid - thanks to Marcelinho - and accurate. Mickeal and Ndong were Barça best players in the first quarter with an overall evaluation of +11 and Barça closed out the first quarter with an 11-point lead (13-24).

Home-side fightback, stalled

Many things were similar to the first game of the series, like Lucentum’s poor conversion rate from the exterior and Barça’s dominance of the offensive rebound. However, the home side stepped up their intensity and they came within four points of the visiting side (31-35, min 17). Barça Regal reacted, and they went to the break with a comfortable eight-point lead (34-42).

Lucentum broke their disastrous three-point conversion rate with three consecutive three pointers and thanks to this, and a better, more fluid attack at the start of the second half, they came within three of Barça Regal (39-42, min 22). However, whenever the Alicante side came within striking distance, Barça put more distance between themselves and the home side on the scoreboard (39-49, min 24). Eidson was decisive in Barça’s third quarter battle as the visiting side jumped to their largest point margin of the quarter (41-53, min 26).

The game ends after 34 minutes

Despite the home side’s perseverance, Barça Regal decisively shut the door on Lucentum Alicante. Two consecutive technicals on Vidorreta and six converted free throws by Wallace finished off the match (53-67, min 34). With the semi-final berth secured, Pascual’s men kept on pushing and they took their lead to +20 points.



Lucentum Alacant: Llompart (16), Freire (8), Stojic (3), Barnes (6) and Ivanov (9)–starting five- Ordín, Jódar, Kouril, Urtasun (6), Astilleros, Koné (9) i Miñarro.

FCB Regal: Marcelinho (9), Eidson (9), Mickeal (13), Lorbek (4) and Ndong (14)–starting five- Sada (2), Vázquez (10), Wallace (11), Ingles (8) i Rabaseda (4).

Referees: Hierrezuelo, Jiménez and Cortés.

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