Barça Regal came away with a valuable victory on Lagun Aro’s court, specifically because of the proximity of the next Cop del Rey tie. Lagun Aro, with five consecutive wins on the trot in the ACB League, is one of the League’s most on form teams. Xavi Pascual’s men were up to the task of stopping Lagun Aro’s impressive offence, Barça’s brilliant and effective defensive display contained the home team to only 56 points. With a brilliant Huertas, and an inspired Micheal at the end, permits the Catalan team to continue atop the ACB standings.

On target triples

Barça Regal dominated throughout the first half, they were also always ahead of their rivals, albeit at times it was very close. At that start, especially thanks to Perovic, Mickeal and Eidson and a solid defence that completely shutdown Sergi Vidal, who only scored two points in the whole game, Barça dominated. The only mistakes in the first quarter were a couple of overturns that could have been easily avoided.

Barça Regal’s play in the second quarter was fantastic. With a brilliant Huertas, and with an especially inspired Ingles from the three-point line, Barça quickly put some distance between themselves and their opponents. The Azulgranas scored five out of eight triples before the half, Lorbek scored the last triple at the very end of the quarter that led to Barça’s biggest advantage in the game (+10). Barça’s offensive display was coupled by an even better defensive performance: at the half, Lagun Aro, the third most scoring team in the ACB, had only scored 33 points.

Panko leads the reaction

Little changed at the start of the second half. In Barça’s first play of the third quarter, Pete Mickeal scored another triple. Pascual’s men only needed a solid defence and on-target shots from the three point line to keep Lagun Aro at bay. The home team put all of its hopes in Andy Panko to keep them in the game. Barça Regal, not particularly accurate from the free throw line, finished the third quarter with a six point lead (49-55).

Micheal decides

Both teams seemed a bit more nervous than usual in the final quarter of the match, in fact, after the first three minutes both teams had scored only two points apiece. The flow of the game was slow, not fluid and without imagination on offence. No one gave anything away on defence, however. It was Micheal that ensured Barça Regal’s victory. In the end, it was a valuable win against a team that came into the game winning five games on the trot.


Lagun Aro, 56
Barça Regal, 71

Lagun Aro (16+17+16+7): Neto (8), Vidal (2), Panko (20), Papamakarios (5), Betts (2) (starting five), Salgado (5), Doblas (7), Baron (5) and Ogide (2).

Barça Regal (19+24+12+16): Huertas (12), Eidson (12), Mickeal (17), Lorbek (5), Perovic (7) (starting five), Sada (4), Vázquez (2), Wallace (2), Ingles (10) and Rabaseda.

Referees: De la Maza, Perea and Sánchez.

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