Ingles and Ricky in the ACB League game against Madrid (Photo: acb.com)

Joe Ingles was one the players that understood Ricky Rubio the best on the court. They only had a couple of months together in Barça Regal, but it was enough to spark a close friendship between the two players.

The Australian admits that he keeps in regular contact with the ex-Barça man: “we talk and write each other often. The truth is that when our schedules allow and we aren’t playing we usually are in contact.”

Fast adaptation

While many are surprised at Ricky's speedy adjustment to the NBA style of play, Ingles isn’t: “he’s playing really well, probably better than what he and many other people expected of him, but I knew he’d do a good job. He’s a player with talent and he’s showing that to the NBA. He’s at a very high level and he’s doing a great job.”

The topic of conversation between the two players usually centers around Barça Regal, said Ingles: “we talk a lot about the team, about the new players that came in this season or about Víctor, he asks me about him a lot. I’m also in contact with him. To be honest, I’m really happy to be in contact with Ricky.”

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