The four ex-Barça Regal players at Zona Bàsquet / PHOTO: ÀLEX CAPARRÓS

Four ex-Barça Regal player visited the Zona Basket, on Paseo Lluís Companys, this Thursday. They all talked about Barça Regal’s current squad and the team’s prospects in the upcoming King’s Cup playoff (from the 16th through the 19th at the Palau Sant Jordi).

Prudent excitement

Manolo Flores, ex-player and ex-manager of Barça Regal, talked about the difficulties of the competition: “I think that Barça Regal is almost favourite, even though the King’s Cup is risky because there are a lot of surprises; it’s single elimination, but I’m confident that my team will reach the final and win it.”

The president of Barça’s ex-Players Basketball Association, Roger Esteller, is completely convinced that his team will win: “I think the team has a lot of possibilities of winning both the King’s Cup, ACB, and the Euroleague.”

Audie Norris and Santi Abad came together to the Zona Basket.

“I’ve watched Barça a couple of times this year and they have a chance to win the King’s Cup, but it won’t be easy,” said Norris. Abad shares his ex-teammate’s prudent outlook, but he’s hopeful about Barça Regal’s chances: “seeing how the season has gone so far, the title could be won by anyone. But it’s true that Barça and Madrid are the teams with the best chance to get to the final.”

Zona Basket, a fun place to be

The Zona Basket a place that offers a variety of contests and games to its visitors. The zone boasts a 3x3 court for street ball games. However, visitors don’t need a basketball to participate, inside the Zona Basket, fun-goers can also play basketball on their mobile devices and on consoles. Participants that score the most points could win two tickets to the King’s Cup at the Sant Jordi.

The Zona Basket also has a ACB store, where visitors can buy last-minute tickets to the Cup and official competition products.

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