Barça Regal’s winning streak of 10 consecutive games at home was broken tonight. Bana Cívica, who beat Barça Regal in the first half of the season, stopped the Catalan side from winning 25 consecutive victories at the Palau Balugrana. The team led by Joan Plaza played a serious game and Guille Rubio, on fire from the three-point line, proved too much for the blue and reds. The Azulgranas fought hard until the last seconds of the match to preserve their one-game lead over second place Real Madrid. The team from the Spanish capital won’t play their League game until next week, therefore Xavi Pascual’s men must wait to see if they will retain top spot.

Complete equality

Banca Cívica was unafraid and very bold this evening at the Palau. As a testament to their confidence, they didn’t stop attempting three-point shots. Rubio, top point scorer of the match with 13 points, was the most dangerous man on the court. Barça, however, didn’t shy away from the challenge and they kept close to their rivals. At the end of the first quarter, in a blink of an eye, Barça clawed eight points back. A free throw from Navarro and a three-pointer from Rabaseda at the end of the quarter closed out an electric first 10 minutes (18-22).

In the second quarter neither of the teams managed to gain a lead over four points. Thanks to Rabaseda’s accuracy from the three-point line and Perovic’s shots from the paint, the Azulgranas jumped to a four-point lead, their first lead of the night. It was still an even match, however, and both teams went to the dressing room with a 40-39 on the scoreboard.

Nail-bitter final

The teams came out in the second half in same manner as they closed out the first. The third quarter saw both teams battle it out for an advantage but neither team succeeded. FC Barcelona Regal and Banca Cívica continued the deadlocked.  

In the last quarter both teams had the chance to take the win. The game was a back-and-forth until the final seconds of the match with 63-66 on the scoreboard. Barça had the ball and they tried to tie the game up with three different three-point shots - Navarro, Lorbek and Mickeal- but none of them went in. Banca Cívica held off the Barça onslaught successfully to claim victory at the Palau Blaugrana.


FCB Regal, 63
Cajasol Banca Cívica, 66

FCB Regal (18+22+11+12): Huertas (4), Navarro (3), Ndong (5), Lorbek (12), Mickeal (10) – starting five-, Sada (2), Perovic (8), Wallace, Rabaseda (12), Ingles (5), Vazquez (2)

Banca Cívica (22+17+12+15): Triguero (6), Urtasun (12), Calloway (8), Jasen (5), Rubio (13) –starting five- Satoransky (8), Sastre (2), Bogdanovic (5), Davis (5), Tepic (2)

Referees: Antonio Conde, Carlos Peruga and Sánchez Montserrat.

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