The Barça Regal player, Joe Ingles, is a contender for the Euroleague’s best buzzer-beater shot. The European basketball organization has published 16 videos featuring the best buzzer-betters of the season on its website, fans are encouraged to vote for the best shot. The goal is to pick the best play of the year in the Euroleague.

It’s worth noting that Víctor Sada and Marcelinho Huertas, both of whom are contenders in the best assist category, and Chuck Eidson, in the dunk category, have been included in the Euroleague’s overall 64-video list. However, the plays by the three Barça players did not end up winning the top spot in their respective categories.

The play that earned Ingles a spot among the best buzzer-beaters of the season happened on Montepaschi Siena’s court on match day 9 of the Euroleague’s group stage. The Barça Regal player sunk a half-court shot as the time ran off the clock. Xavi Pascual’s men, however, lost the match by 77 to 74.


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Sada’s assist took place against Galatasary Medical Park on match day 10 of the Euroleague’s group stage on December 21 at the Palau Blaugrana. In that match, which ended with an Azulgrana victory (79-50), Sada gave Xavi Rabaseda a fantastic pass.

In the same match, at the Palau Blaugrana against Galatasaray, Marcelinho brilliantly dished off the ball to Kosta Perovic. The play was selected as one of the best of the year by the Euroleague.

In the first match of the Top-16, which was played on January 19 at the Palau Blaugrana against Bennet Cantú, Chuck Edison helped FC Barcelona claim victory with a spectacular dunk. Eidson’s dunk, however, was not selected by the fans as the best one of the season.

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