Ndong esmaixa davant Estudiantes (Foto: Àlex Caparrós FCB)

The Senegalese power forward was unaware that he was leading the league in dunks along with teammate Fran Vázquez: “To be honest, I didn’t know. Throughout my career I always thought that that [dunking] was the quickest way to score, and what’s more, people like it. I also have to say that when I was younger it always bothered me when someone did a lay up instead of dunking. I always thought it was it was simpler to dunk the ball.”

The fastest way

The dunk is the fastest, most spectacular, most appreciated way to score, and Fran Vázquez knows it, Barça Regal’s other great dunker. The Gallegan is aware that the fans that fill up the Palau place a high value on spectacular team performances: “It’s something the team practices with regularity, but you have the have the right players to do it (smiling). Moreover, the fans enjoy this style of play.”

The Numbers

Barça Regal are clear leaders in the league when it comes to dunks, 27 in 5 games, averaging 5.4 dunks per game. The team in closest to the Blaugrana is another Catalan team, Assignia Manresa, with 16, averaging 3.2 dunks per game.

When it comes to individual statistics, Boniface Ndong has 10 dunks to his name, averaging 2 dunks per game. While Fran Vázquez has 9 dunks, averaging 1.8 per game.

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