Winning games like this makes a team stronger. On a difficult court, with a great crowd, and only three days after the victory over Olimpija at the Palau, Barça Regal had to work hard to win their eight game of the nine played in the ACB League. Xavi Pascual’s men started their comeback when they were down by 12 points in the third quarter. Navarro, with 22 points, was Barça’s best man on the court; Lorbek, Wallace and Huertas also had notable performances.

The offensive rebound keeps Barça alive

Barça Regal, with the stands of the Fontes do Sar packed full of cheering fans, had a hard time getting into the game. Barça’s shot attempts were inaccurate, their free throws as well - two from seven in the first quarter - five turnovers and two quick fouls called on Fran Vázquez made the game an uphill battle for Xavi Pascual’s men. An inspired Lorbek and the team’s grit to dominate offensive rebounds kept Blusens Monbus from running away with the game in the first quarter.

Without Navarro, the home team commands the pace

Barça, led by Navarro, reacted in the second quarter. The Barça player, with a newly signed contract, scored two consecutive three pointers and made his team up the tempo of their play. However, the flow of the match was still firmly in the hands on the home team. Milton Palacio was on fire; the Blusens Monbus player had the shot of the week when he sunk a three-point shot with no time left on the shot clock. At the half, Barça knew they had to improve if they were to take the match.

Festival of triples

La Bomba once again led his team in the third quarter. Barça’s marquee player put his team ahead with two three-point shots. The home team, however, reacted immediately -four consecutive three pointers, thanks to Corbacho and Ere - and stormed past Barça putting 12 points (59-47) between them and the Blaugranas. At that point, Barça Regal went on a 10 point run, putting the game within reach.

Wallace and Huertas, decisive

The final quarter was electric. Wallace and Huertas, both fairly quiet up until that point, were decisive in the final minutes. Huertas kept on knocking in three-point shots and Wallace was forcing fouls with his play in the paint. The Blusens, almost crumbling under the pressure of Barça’s game, keep themselves in the match thanks to punctual plays. The home crowd believed that their team was capable of winning the match which spurred them to cheer all the louder. It was Micheal’s last minute three-point shot, however, that put the game beyond the reach of the home side.


Blusens Monbus, 83
Barça Regal, 89

Blusens Monbus (20+20+24+19): Rodríguez (2), Corbacho (16), Ere (18), Junyent (13), Lasme (10) (cinc inicial), Hopkins (2), Bulfoni (4), Palacio (15), Washington (3), Kendall.

Barça Regal (17+18+25+29): Huertas (12), Navarro (22), Eidson (6), Mickeal (9), Vázquez (cinc inicial), Sada (4), Perovic (3), Ndong (8), Lorbek (11).

Referees: De la Maza, Perea and Soto.

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