Following the press conferences held by the players and coaches ahead of the first game of the final play offs, Joan Bladé, Board member with responsibility for the basketball section, called on the fans to fill the Palau and make for two great nights this week at the Palau: “they are two very important games and we need the players to feel the fans’ support. We are hoping for two more magic nights, with that special effect that the Palau has”, he declared.

Call to free up seats

Sr Bladé stressed the importance of the first game in a series like this: “It’s very important to maintain the home advantage factor and that’s why we need the fans’ support”, and went on to make special reference to the Palau season ticket holders: “we have to try and ensure that the season ticket holders come along and those who can’t free up their seats. We’ve got between 1,500 and 1,700 seats for fans right now”.

Sr Bladé admitted that gates this season had been “not quite what we had been hoping for . We’ve looked at it very closely and at the end of the season we’ll release our findings and explain what we intend to do – we reckon we can turn it around”.

“We just want to talk about basketball”

There has been plenty of controversy surrounding the referees in the play offs so far, but Mr Musté wanted no part of that: “we have not made any public declarations about referees and I can assure you that we have not been talking badly about them – we just want to talk about basketball”.

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