Barça Regal - Unics Kazan / PHOTO: FCB

This Thursday’s match will be pivotal in the quarter-final series against Unics Kazan. If the Tatars manage to win, the tie will turn into a up-hill battle for Barça Regal. The Azulgranas need to win to secure a good advantage ahead of the following two games in Russia. In the event of a Barça victory, the team will have three games left to close out the series, the last one at the Palau Blaugrana. After the first win against the Tatar side by 78-66, the Azulgranas get to play their second match with Lorbek and Mickeal, the most dangerous men as far as Unics is concerned, and try to secure passage to the Final Four.

Pete Mickeal, Barça’s go-to player

The brilliant performance from the Barça man in the first game with 22 points, perfect from the three-point line (4/4), makes Mickeal Barça Regal’s most effective player. Lorbek, who scored 15 points in the last game, is also one of the dangers that Unics will have to be aware of. Based off of how the Tatar team have played, the visiting manager will look to slow down Barça’s stand-out players in today’s match. Xavi Pascual will also be able to use Eidson, although he didn’t play in the first match.

Barça Regal continues with its undefeated run in the Euroleague at home. The team closed out the Top 16 within conceding a match.

Interior game, a concern

The men led by Xavi Pascual need to be wary of Henry Dormencant, one of the most decisive power forwards in the competition, also the second highest point scorer in the Top 16 (96). Barça must slow down Unics’ interior play. Pashputin will be able to use all the players in the Tatar squad, with the exception of Wilkinson, who was injured during the first game’s warm up.

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