Barça Regal / PHOTO: ARXIU FCB

Barça Regal travel to Madrid with a healthy dose of optimism ahead of the two next matches of the series, which will be played at the Palacio de los Deportes. The players, in general, have a positive feeling despite losing the second match of the series at the Palau: “we are feeling better than we did in the first match, seeing that in the second match, even though we weren’t able to close it out, we had the game under control until the end,” said Xavi Rabaseda. Xavi Pascual’s men need, at the very least, one win on Madrid’s court to take the series to a fifth and final match (which would be played at the Palau).

Errors in the final minutes

“The players are feeling good, but we’re disappointed that we lost the second game, especially because the loss came in the final minutes. However, we’re going into the next match with a 1-1 in the series and we can change the course of final. We’re concentrated and focused on winning,” said Joe Ingles.

In the second match of the series, the Azulgranas lost in the final stretch of the game. According to Pete Mickeal, Barça lost because the team committed two fatal errors: “we needed to be strong on defence and we needed to get more rebounds, nothing more.” But the players are confident that, even though errors were committed in the last game, they’ll be able to take the third match if they can keep their focus throughout the entirety of the game: “I’m sure it will be a very combative match and it will be decided by small details, be he will have our chance to win on Real Madrid’s court,” said Rabaseda.

Two victories are necessary

According to Barça’s number 22, the players are aware that their mistakes benefit their rivals: “they took advantage of our errors. They had open shots and they made sure they converted them. I hope we have a bit more luck this time around.”

However, Barça Regal will put in the effort to win the two matches that would clinch the Liga title in Madrid: “it’s a great final. For us, a 1-1 is like a 0-0. We have to win two matches, that’s it,” said Mickeal. The Barça Regal players will have three chances to win two games: “the series, from the beginning, was always going to be a long one - especially against an opponent like Real Madrid, who have been strong all year. They’ve always made it difficult to win,” said Rabaseda.

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