Barça Regal still have a long way to go before playing in the Final Four, which will be held from 11th to 13th of May at the Sinan Erdem Arena in Istanbul. The League, which is the main and only competition for the Barça players before then, ends on May 5th, just six days before the Final Four gets under way.

A single defeat

Barça Regal are the only team to reach the Euroleague Final Four with only one defeat, which they suffered in the group stage against Montepaschi Siena by 77-74. Despite that loss, Barça finished the Top 16 phase without conceding a defeat and were the only undefeated team. The Italian team could be the team up against Xavi Pascual’s players in the semifinals in Istanbul.

Madrid and Manresa, the last 2 games

Six days before stepping onto the Sinan Erdem Arena court, the League will be decided. That’s because on May 5th, in the last game of the season, Barça Regal will be up against Assignia Manresa. Before the trip to Istanbul, Barça will already know who the League Champions are.

Having said all that, Barça have a tight schedule ahead, especially in April. From this weekend, when Barça play against Valencia Basket, and up to the 5th of May, they’ll play a total of eight matches. CAI Zaragoza, Lagun Aro, Unicaja, Caja Laboral, and Lucentum Alicante are Barça’s next rivals. All these matches will be played in April and there’ll be only 2 classic matches left to be played in May: Real Madrid, who visit the Palau Blaugrana on the 3rd, and Assignia Manresa. The League will, therefore, have a tremendous end.

Barça Regal schedule


Matchday 27. April 1st: FCB Regal - Valencia Basket

Matchday 28. April 8th: CAI Zaragoza - FCB Regal

Matchday 29. April 15th: FCB Regal - Lagun Aro GBC

Matchday 30. April 21st: Unicaja - FCB Regal

Matchday 31. April 26th: FCB Regal - Caja Laboral

Matchday 32. April 29th: Lucentum Alicante - FCB Regal


Matchday 33. May 3rd: FCB Regal - Real Madrid

Matchday 34. 5th or 6th of May: Assignia Manresa - FCB Regal

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