A total of 650 Barça Regal fans have requested tickets for the Final Four / PHOTO: ARXIU FCB

In this Wednesday’s Euroleague Final Four meeting, FC Barcelona representatives petitioned the organization for more tickets to the last phase of the competition, which will be played from May 11th through the 13th in Istanbul.

Up until this Sunday, a total of 650 Barça Regal fans requested tickets to accompany the team to Turkey. Keeping in mind that there are still fans that want to watch the tournament in person, the Club continues to work to get more tickets. All FC Barcelona members that are interested in buying a ticket must send an email to seccio.basquet@fcbarcelona.cat. In the email, members must include their member number and contact information. In the event that the Club is awarded more tickets, members will be able to purchase said ticket in the order they were solicited.

Travel options

It’s worth noting that the Club is offering the following travel options to its members for the Final Four in Istanbul: departing on May 11 at 8:00 and returning on May 14 at 11:45, on a charter plane. Each travel package, which includes a four-night stay at a four star hotel, costs 840€.

For more information on reserving your flight and hotel, please call 94 553 07 80 or contact any Halcón Viajes or Viajes Ecuador office.

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