Barça Regal thanking the supporters at the Palau / PHOTO: ARXIU FCB

Barça Regal have not lost a match in the Liga Endesa since March 11th, when the Catalans were defeated away to Gran Canaria 2014 after forcing double overtime (93-90). Since then, the Azulgranas have gone on a 12-match winning streak: 10 of the matches were won in the last stretch of the Liga Endesa and 2 in the quarter-finals against Lucentum Alicante. The team did it by beating teams that have made it to the postseason: Valencia Basket, Lagun Aro GBC, Caja Laboral and Real Madrid.

10 consecutive victories in the playoffs

The last 2 victories this postseason, in the quarter-finals against Lucentum Alicante, with the 8 playoff wins from last season, means that Barça Regal have won 10 consecutive matches in the playoffs of the Liga Endesa. The sweeps against Unicaja (2-0), Caja Laboral (3-0) and Bizkaia Bilbao (3-0) led Barça Regal to the 2010/11 Liga Endesa crown.

10 victories for Pascual in the quarter-finals

The team are off to the same start as last year, with a 2-0 sweep in the quarter-finals against Lucentum Alicante. This result means that Xavi Pascual’s record in the first playoff round of the competition is a perfect 10 out of 10. In the 2007/08 season Barça Regal won 2-0 against Iurbentia Bilbao Basket; in 2008/09, Pamesa Valencia fell 2-0; in 2009/10, Gran Canaria 2014 lost 2-0; last year, Barça Regal beat Unicaja 2-0; and this year Lucentum Alicante were also swept 2-0.

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