The FC Barcelona Supporters Clubs World Confederation, in collaboration with the FCB Foundation, will celebrate the Diada del Soci Solidari on November 29th, coinciding with the Copa del Rey Round of 32 Second Leg game between FC Barcelona and Real Murcia.

As is tradition, the club will open the entire Camp Nou to collectives such as charities, schools, associations, entities and social action institutions. In parallel, during the game the FC Barcelona Supporters Clubs World Confederation will make a mass collection of basic foodstuffs. Participating schools and institutions are asked to bring oil, baby food and tinned or long-life products. The products will be donated to the Banc d'Aliments foodbanks two days before the charity celebrates its annual Gran Recapte campaign.

Foodstuffs will be collected in a marquee tent installed by the Confederation on November 29th.

Ticket requests

To obtain tickets, supporters groups should send a request with the name of their group and the number of tickets required to their regional Federation, who will share the information with the Confederation.

Invitations can be collected from Friday, November 24th, through to the day of the game, from the FC Barcelona Supporters Clubs World Confederation.


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