From now on, the penyes transactions website offers the possibility of updating Penya Boards of Directors. Each and every Penya must access the website to verify and enter the members of their respective Boards of Directors to ensure that they all appear on the site from June 30. You can do so by following the steps described in the manual that you will find at the end of this news item.

Penyes must first review their current Board of Directors (president, secretary and treasurer), which is the one known at present to FC Barcelona. If these are the same as the current members, there is no need to upload any additional documentation. Otherwise the minutes of the Assembly at which their appointment was approved must be uploaded to the documentary register.

You must then enter in the transaction titled “Management of the Board of Directors” and add each of the positions on the current Board using the button named “Add Position”. Once all members have been indicated, you can then go on to the tab called “Documentation” and press the button “Add Document”, to upload the file that certifies the make-up of the Board.

Finally, click on “Send Request” in order for the Club to review the documentation and either accept or reject it depending on the data and documents provided.

Update of Penya Board of Directors
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