FC Barcelona and Girona FC representatives | Confederació Mundial de Penyes del FC Barcelona

In the hours before the game between FC Barcelona and Girona FC, representatives of both clubs met in a Barcelona restaurant. The corresponding groups were represented by FC Barcelona Social Director, Pere Jansà, and his equivalent at Girona FC, Albert Mateos.

There were also several supporters group representatives in attendence, such as Vice President of the Confederació Mundial de Penyes, Lluís Grau, Social Committee member in charge of supporters clubs, Daniel Sala, and President of the Federació de Penyes de Girona Sud, Joaquim Vall·llosera. For Girona FC, Pepe Sierra, President of the Federació de Penyes at Girona FC, Vice President Joaquim Alegret and various presidents of different Girona supporters clubs were present.

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