Jordi Monturiol with the country’s minister for sport and leisure Tahirou Bangre | Federació de Penyes del Barcelonès Est

The East Barcelona Federation of Penyes, led by its president, Jordi Monturiol, travelled to the African country of Burkina Faso to help promote the supporters movement in the territory.

During their week there, the group held a series of institutional meetings with the leaders of the Mossi people, Moogho Naaba Baongo, the president of the Burkina Faso Olympic Committee, Jean Yameogo and the country’s minister for sport and leisure, Tahirou Bangre.

To get a better idea of the passion for football in the region, the party travelled to the Stade du 4 Août, where the Burkina Faso national team plays, and visited the different towns twinned with clubs in the Federation. Kouritenga is twinned with the Penya Barcelonista Pep Ventura de Badalona; Tansega with the Penya Blaugrana Foment Martinenc and Tanguin Dassouri with the Penya Barcelona Barceloneta.

In Larlé, a neighbourhood in the capital city, men’s and women’s tournaments were organised in football, wheelchair basketball, boxing, table tennis and petanque, and the town was twinned with the Penya Barcelonista La Guineu.

The events certainly showcased the passion for FC Barcelona in the country and the importance of the supporters clubs for social and integrating work, as in this case so admirably through the East Barcelona federation.

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