FOTO: Federació de Penyes del Barcelonès Est

Did you know that there’s more than one Canaletes fountain in the city of Barcelona? There are actually eighteen, not just the famous one at the top of Ramblas where FC Barcelona victories are celebrated.

On Saturday 1 October, the Federació de Penyes del Barcelonès Est revealed a bit of local history. Around a hundred supporters club members took part in the I Ruta de les Fonts, an initiative to walk the streets of Barcelona and discover the other seventeen identical fountains in the Catalan capital.

Its president Jordi Monturiol led the way as fourteen official clubs started the walk at Plaça de Santes Creus in the district of Horta, home to the first fountain. The fourteen kilometre hike took them through such district as the Eixample and ended at Les Corts, where the most recent fountain was erected close to the Camp Nou.

The president of the Federació de Penyes de Ponent Nord, Pere Mentruit, also joined the group. Meanwhile, the members of the Penyes Commission, Elvira Pou, welcomed the party in the company of former player Joan Torrent to bring an end to the event on the club grounds.

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