FC Barcelona’s resounding win over Celta was preceded by several supporters club-related events at the Club’s facilities. There were three placards presented as well as four emblems installed at the Camp Nou.

The presentations of the placards were carried out at the Sala de Juntes in the presence of the member of the Social Commission responsible for penyas, Dani Sala. The first placard presentation was on the occasion of the tenth meeting of supporters clubs of Castilla-La Mancha with a delegation of supporters of the area led by the president of the Federation of La Mancha, Daniel Peinado.

Shortly after, the vice-president of the Federation of Valencia and Marina Alta, Miguel Gomis, presented a placard to mark the next gathering of the Valencia and Marina Alta supporters clubs. Finally, the president of the Federation of the Canary Islands, Yamal Hawach, presented the placard for the XIII Baku of Canary Island supporters clubs and for the 20th anniversary of the Penya Barçaldea.

Emblem inaugurations at the Camp Nou

The four emblem inaugurations outside the Camp Nou took place on 51 and 52 of the stadium. Xavier Ilincheta, member of the Penyas Commission, assisted witht the event where the penyas of San Cristóbal, Puerto Lumbreras, Agrupació Barcelonista Penya Anguera and Prats de Mollo made history.

They were all then able to enjoy Barça’s big win over Celta, where Luis Enrique’s side managed a 5-0 victory against the Galicians.

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