The Barça Hong Kong Fan Club unveiling their crest at Camp Nou | GERMÁN PARGA - FCB

In the build-up to Saturday’s game at the Camp Nou between Barça and Málaga, three different penyes made their presence felt as their crests were unveiled on the stadium wall.

The first was the Barça Hong Kong Fan Club, whose ceremony took place at gate 51 and was overseen by the director in chief of the Social Commission, Josep Maria Barnils.

The Peña Barcelonista Carles Puyol de Torre Pacheco also inaugurated their plaque in the presence of some seventy members that had made the journey up from Murcia. The man doing the honours this time was the Penyes Commission member Manel Torrentallé.

And the third such event took place at gate 51, where it was the Peña Barcelonista de Oviedo who were the proud party, once again overseen by Manel Torrentallé.

Shortly before the presentations, the club also arranged a reception for the Peña Barcelonista Ferrolana, where the same member of the Social Commission served as the master of ceremonies.

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