The website for penyes procedures (the former online OAP) is available once again with some great improvements and new functionalities to provide a better service to the penyes. It is essential for them to check their club’s details following the migration of all of the information as part of the updating process.

To continue the good communication between the Club and its penyes, it is especially important to check such contact details and email address and telephone numbers. Also, to make it easier to send membership cards, tickets, credentials and correspondence you should specify a a mail address that is not a PO box.

Dispatch of 2017 penya membership card

Regarding the mailing of new 2017 penya membership cards, penyes may now update their membership lists, and also supply a mail address that is not a PO box.

The deadline for updating details is 14 November at 9.00 CET.

New website for penyes procedures
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