Federation Development Plan presented by the directorPau Vilanova and the president of the Confederation, Antoni Guil | GERMÁN PARGA - FCB

More than 150,000 supporters club members, almost 1,300 supporters clubs, 5 continents. These figures speak for themselves. In the last years, the supporters club movement has become an essential element of the Barça feeling. Now, it takes one more step with the Federation Development Plan, a program that will add structure and resources to the territorial entities. We review the 5 keys that impulse the revolution of the supporters clubs.


1. Increased attention. The Federations Development Plan will expedite procedures and requests of the Supporters Club members with a personalized and exclusive service. The first stone was placed recently with the inauguration of the new Supporters Club portal, an optimized platform allowing members to file and manage their documents electronically. Thanks to this, the Supporters Club member can feel closer to the Club and respond to their concerns in a faster and more direct manner through the Federations.

2. Simplified paper work. The Territorial Federations are the transmission belt between the Club, the Confederation and the Supporters Clubs. Therefore, with the 'Peñas Siglo XXI' (21st Century Supporters Clubs Project), the territorial organizations will be direct interlocutor with the Club and will facilitate decision-making and the direct relationship between the Supporters Club member and the Club´s Management Team. Good communication can change the direction of any organization. Therefore, establishing agile flows that allow channeling information from the club to the Supporters Club member is one of the challenges that the movement has ahead.

3. Barça feeling in the territory. The Supporters Clubs movement is s an institution that houses a feeling and the Federations are the Club´s voice in the territory, its delegated office. The Federation s Development aims to increase the presence of the `Barcelonist´ feeling in the territory, organizing actions with impact on the parties and enhance the external reputation of the Supporters Clubs.

4. Better Federations, more Supporters. Club members Empowering the Federations facilitates their organic growth, always favoring the Supporters Club member, thanks to optimized and efficient services that transform the Supporters Clubs movement in the largest and moist professionalized in the world. The modernization of structures and attracting new groups will make the Supporters Club movement grow and, at the same time, will increase the resources available for each Supporters Club.

5. An attractive movement for a young audience. To ensure the movement´s continuity, the Supporters Clubs World Confederation will organize, through the Federations and the Supporters Clubs, activities to attract a younger public – the real protagonist of the 21st century. The new technologies, channels and content will be the key for attracting younger individuals.

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