During the XXXVII World Supporters Clubs Congress the plans that form part of the Penyes Segle XXI 2016-21 project were exhibited before more than 1000 Supporters Club members. One of the most ambitious programs presented was the communications plan, which will serve to organize all the information to be disseminated about the Supporters Club movement, both internal and external, through the traditional media as well as through social media.

One of the most innovative characteristics of this plan is the creation of a magazine edited by the Confederation. Called Blaugranes, the magazine’s first issue was released on 10 August, with the aim of supporting the work done by the Supporters Clubs, through the Confederation and their regional federations.

Published in three languages (Catalan, Spanish and English) and released quarterly, Blaugranes was created with the intention of finding a place to inform about the work done by the Supporters Club movement around the territory, with special emphasis on the different actions taken, such as social and charitable campaigns, as well as sporting and cultural activities, among others. Another objective is for the Supporters Clubs and their members to adapt to new trends and ideas being carried out elsewhere, like in other federations, as well as to bring the movement closer to FC Barcelona members so they can see the Club’s presence in their towns.

In this historic issue number 1, Blaugranes shines the spotlight on the program from the XXXVII World Supporters Club Congress and the projects presented there, as well as the activities that accompanied it from 8-10 August.

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