On 21 April, the Central Electoral Board announced the candidates of the elections to the Board of Directors of the FC Barcelona Supporters Club Federation.

This Central Electoral Board consists of its president, Pau Vilanova i Vila-Abadal, secretary Jordi Calsamiglia i Blancafort and spokespeople Josep Maria Barnils i Aguilera, Liberato Lartuna Garcia and Montserrat Ballesté i Hernàndez.

29 federations have presented a single candidate obtaining the guarantees necessary to be considered official candidates to boards of directors of the Federations. In this case, it is not necessary to carry out the act of voting.

Two candidates have been presented to the Federeation of Penyes of Anoia, Alt Penedès and El Garraf. From Monday, 24 April, the penyes of the Federation are receiving the necessary information to formalize the vote. The documentation will remain at the disposal of the penyes at the Federation’s headquarters, at the FC Barcelona facilities and the official website of the Club.

As of the same date and in accordance with the timetable set, the Club will send to the supporters clubs the ballots of candidates in the area and the corresponding documentation in order to carry out the vote which can be cast between 24 April and May 9 by mail or in person on 13 May.

Official candidacies

The new Boards of FC Barcelona Supporters Clubs

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