Wednesday 5 April at 8.00pm is the deadline for the official presentation of the candidacies, which must, which must be submitted in writing to the Central Electoral Commission (penyes@fcbarcelona.cat). The submission must be accompanied by the original document (form to formalise the presentation).

At the top of the lists there must be a president, one or more vice-presidents, a secretary, a treasurer and spokesperson. At the presentation of the candidacy, you must detail the name, surnames, and the position that each one will carry out. Candidates for president and vice-president also must detail their FC Barcelona membership number or loyalty card.

Furthermore, to be a candidate of a Board of a Territorial Federation, you must meet the following requirements:

-Form part of the Board of any of the supporters clubs that form part of the federation.

-Be of majority age and be in full use of civil rights.

-For the positions of president and vice-president, you must be an FC Barcelona member or loyalty card holder

From 6 April, the period for presenting endorsements will begin. To do so, it will be necessary to present the written support of at least 20% of the declared official supporters clubs.  

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