2014 World Supporters Clubs Congress

The World Supporters Clubs Congress, which this year will consist of a one-day institutional session on 5 of August and the traditional gala dinner coinciding with the Gamper, is warming up. In addition, for the match against Roma, each supporters clubs may request 4 free tickets for and enjoy a 20% discount on the price of tickets through the Club website.


Apart from the Congress, on 3, 4 and 5 August there will be a variety of activities for supporters club members. The 10th International Football 7 Tournament will begin on Monday 3 August, on the fields adjacent to the Mini Estadi.

You won’t want to miss the opportunity to see the supporters club football tournament, which will include players from throughout the blaugrana territory. The registration procedure for this tournament, which ends on Tuesday at 4 pm with the finals and awards ceremony, will be communicated during the coming days,

Card tournament and al fresco dinner

On Tuesday 4 August the IV Supporters Club Card Tournament will take place, followed by dinner al fresco. Every supporters club will be able to register a maximum of two two-person teams, as spots are limited, at a cost of €10 per person, which includes the dinner, to be held afterwards. It is possible to register for the dinner only, with no limits for supporters clubs and at the same price.

World Supporters Clubs Congress

There will also be activities on Wednesday 5 August. The institutional Congress will take place in the morning at the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, and will be attended by the Board of Directors, including the President, as well this season’s new signings. There will then be the traditional gala dinner, followed by the Gamper Festival and the match between FC Barcelona and AS Roma.

Like last year, accreditation for attendance of the World Supporters Club Congress must be requested through each Territorial Federation, which will provide accreditation for each person participating in the Congress, whether as a delegate or as a guest.

For the gala dinner every supporters club must register their participants through the form. They will then be registered for lunches given at the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya. Registrants must enter a password, personal code and supporters club credentials, an email address, phone number, and a credit card for payment. The price of the meal is €28.

All set for Gamper festival

In the afternoon, youth between 8 and 18 years of age will have the opportunity to lead Barça to glory. The IV Supporters Club Football Games Tournament provides the opportunity to be Barça’s head coach, and bring home the Treble once again. After the tournament, all participants are invited to enjoy, once again, Luis Enrique’s players at Camp Nou.


Registration is now open for supporters club activities coinciding with the Gamper and the World Supporters Club Congress on 4 and 5 August. From 21 to 31 July you can sign up for meals and activities, and can request up to 4 tickets per supporters club for the Joan Gamper Trophy.

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XXXVI World Supporters Clubs Congress Agenda


X FC Barcelona supporters clubs International Football 7 Tournament
Adjacent to Miniestadi


Finals of the X FC Barcelona supporters clubs International Football 7 Tournament
Adjacent to Miniestadi

IV FC Barcelona supporters clubs Card Tournament
Auditori 1899

World Supporters Club Congress Dinner


XXXVI FC Barcelona World Supporters Club Congress
Palau de Congressos de Catalunya

Gala Dinner
Palau de Congressos de Catalunya

IV Supporters Club Football Games Tournament
Auditori 1899

Gamper Festival
Camp Nou

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