On Saturday 4 June, more than 70 boys and girls from Sant Adrià de Besòs, beneficiaries of food grants from the Probitas foundation, travelled to the Camp Nou to enjoy a social day. This was the third of a series of five sessions forming part of the Fem Valors Socials project promoted by the Social Area and the FC Barcelona Foundation.

The Auditori 1899 was the venue for the welcome, attended by former player Paco Clos, Social Commission director Ferran Hernández and FC Barcelona nutritionist Maria Antonia Lizarraga and the monitors from Futbol Net. The coordinator of the Special Care for Players service, Sergio Vallecillo, hosted an event that was also attended by the president of the Penya Barcelonista Sant Adrià de Besòs, Enric Atienza, and Jordi González, president of the Federació de Penyes del Barcelonès Est.

After eating, the children visited the Camp Nou Experience and then went to the fields next to the Miniestadi for the traditional three-period match using the Futbol Net methodology.

Academy and the Social Days

The boys and girls that travelled from Sant Adrià de Besòs had a wonderful chance to meet three players and an academy coach. Kike Saverio, Konrad De La Fuente and Alejandro Viedma played an active role in the social day, assisted throughout by monitors from Futbol Net. The assistant U19 coach Dennis Silva also joined in with the experience, which once again showed how committed the members of La Masia are to such worthy causes.

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