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President Josep Maria Bartomeu attended on Saturday the events for the 50th anniversary of the Cultural and Sporting Association of the Barcelona Supporters Club of Onda and the XVIII Barcelona Penyas Meeting in the province of Castellón accompanied by the vice president Jordi Cardoner and director Pau Vilanova. The leaders of the club were warmly received by the supporters club members of the area and institutions of the city of Onda.

After his arrival in Castellón, Bartomeu and the rest of institutional committee went to the city hall, where they were received by the mayor, Ximo Huguet, and councilors of the municipal government. The president of the Barcelona Supporters Club of Onda, Antonio Lopez, the president of the Federation of Penyas in the province of Castellón, Joaquim Grifol, also attended the reception.

Bartomeu signed the Book of Honour of the City, and then held a reception at the Plenary Hall of the same council. After, the committee went to the Salones Campus restaurant to celebrate the gala dinner at the XVIII Penyas Meeting of the area.

In front of around 500 members of the province of Castellón, Bartomeu highlighted during his speech the great season of Luis Enrique’s side: “We must feel very proud of our team. This season, Barça won four titles, and since the 2004/05 season, with Ronaldinho, we are living historic moments. In 12 years, we have won 28 titles and, whether we win or lose, we have the Barça feeling deep down. We enjoyed the spectacular year, which was not just about football.”

Bartomeu expressed his satisfaction for the season that other professional sections of the club had: “We won the league in football, handball and roller hockey, and we may also win it in basketball and futsal. If this happens, then it will be the first time in history that we win (the league) in five professional sports.”

The club president also touched on the development of the season from a sporting perspective: “In the last few weeks, you may have head the phrase ‘We’ve shown it’. And it is because we have shown that we have the best team and the best player in the world, and we must be proud of that and show it. We must be proud of what our teams have achieved this year.”

In front of the Castellón penyas, Bartomeu also encouraged supporters club members to continue making Barça greater: “We have good expectations, but now that we are going so well in titles, in social aspects and in the penyas movement, as is demonstrated here in Castellón, I ask of you to be stronger and more united than ever. At Barça, were are fully aware that there are three penyas in the province of Castellón, like the Barcelona Supporters Club of Onda, which has reached 50 years, and this means that the Barça feeling is felt strongly.

Bartomeu finished his speech by saying that FC Barcelona is a global reference: “Our rivals are following us because Barca is a model to be emulated and is a reference. Others try to reach us, and financially powerful teams try to take our players. But now that we are so good, we cannot relax, and I ask that this effort is multiplied. We have big challenges ahead such as the Espai Barça and we must move forward together. "

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