Plenary meeting of the Supporters Clubs Council

The Supporters Clubs Council met today for first time this season in a plenary session. The event took place this morning at the Espai Social of FC Barcelona. Antoni Guil president of the Supporters Clubs Council led the meeting of the governing body of the Supporters Clubs World Confederation.

All federations have been represented today, in order to discuss the guidelines to follow according to the Project Penyes Segle XXI 2015-21. During the meeting, all the attendees have detailed the working methods, management bodies and projects to highlight during this new period mid and long term.

This new era in the Supporters Clubs Council will derive the first decisions and agreements so as to keep working for the movement. The four chore ideas discussed during today are detailed below:

  • Consolidating the organization, improving provision of services from the Supporters Clubs Confederation
  • Strengthen the movement socially
  • Gain sustainability by consolidating self-management from the Confederation and the agreement signed with FC Barcelona
  • Internationalisation of the movement, by endorsing the international penyes
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