La copa del Mundial de Clubs / FCB

FC Barcelona will be going for their third Club World Cup after winning last season's Champions League. This year’s edition will be held in Japan from 10 to 20 December and the supporters club movement will be present.

Unlike previous editions, tickets will be made for direct online purchase from 29 September at 10.00am CET until 1 October at 7.00pm CET. Name, key, supporters club credential, zone, and credit or debit card information will be required.

Supporters clubs will have 170 tickets available

In accordance with the objective weighting criteria traditionally implemented there will be a total of 170 tickets for supporters clubs for each game. As the ruled establish, all official supporters clubs that are a minimum of three years old can buy tickets on 29 and 30 September and 1 October via online form. Every supporters club will have a purchase limit of 6 tickets, which must be collected in Japan.

The price of tickets for the semi-final will be 82 euros (category 4) and 59 euros (category 5). If Barça make the Final, the price will be 133 euros (Category 4) and 74 euros (category 5). The category type purchased for the semi-final will remain the same for the final.

The semi-final will be held on 17 December in Yokohama, while the final and consolation will be played in the same city on 20 December.

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