70 boys and girls enjoyed the Barça experience. Foto: FCB

One of the pillars of the Penyes Segle XXI project is to bring in youngsters to the world of the Penyes. The Agrupació de Futbol de Clubs i Penyes del FC Barcelona is a very good example for the movement which has been working with young footballers for more than 60 years.

The 21 Penyes which make up the Agrupació, run more than 200 teams with over 3,000 players at all levels. Last season the Club and this grouping of Penyes worked together on a FC Barcelona Penyes Select team, which allowed the youngsters the opportunity to enjoy the Barcelona experience, training once a month and taking part in friendly games and tournaments.

Growing numbers

The principal aim of the project was to promote the values of the Club and a healthy lifestyle through playing the game the children love. The project has grown this season to include under-10 teams from the Penyes in the Agrupació.

This Sunday saw the first of a series of training days which will give the youngsters the chance to learn the Barça values and enjoy the Club’s training methods and 70 boys and girls from the Ramon Llorens club in Rubí, Anguera, Vallirana and Cinc Copes took part.

Fem Valors Socials

The parents of the children were also involved, with an informative workshop which aimed to show the uses of sport as a tool to encourage team work and the spirit of sacrifice in all areas of life. The activity forms a part of the Fem Valors Socials and “Enganxa’t a l’Esport” programmes which present the sporting and social values of the Club, which are a global reference point, to the Club’s youngest followers.

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